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Award Winning Electrochromic Sunglasses OneSec Transition

Featuring the exclusive 'OneSec' technology, the Mclaren electro-photochromic sunglasses adjust automatically and instantly to the surrounding light conditions.

Taking less than one second to change the filtration and kept in control in all circumstances.

The exceptional ophthalmic quality of our mineral lenses guarantee precision and comfort for an incomparable driving experience. Features include:

  • Electrochromic technology using mineral lenses

  • Up to 3-year battery autonomy

  • 3D Technology / Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) process

  • High Performance Nylon/Carbon material / Excellent mechanical, chemical, and thermal resistance.

  • 180-degree rotating hinge using Titanium Injected Molding technology (MIM)

  • Dual polymer injected temple over a chirurgical stainless-steel core

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